AI Will Replace Bad, Boring Writers — 10 Ways To Become an AI Overlord Instead

Juliane Bergmann
7 min readMar 23
Image generated by Midjourney, prompt by author

If you’re a bad, boring writer who only repurposes other people’s ideas and words, ChatGPT will be the death of you because AI is much faster than any of us at regurgitating what’s already been written elsewhere.

But if you’re an original thinker and writer, ChatGPT can be the assistant you could never afford. Here’s how:

1. Writing prompts and idea generation — goodbye forever, writer’s block!

How many times have you stared at a blinking cursor, wondering what to write about?

Say you’re writing a funny essay about parenting teenagers. You’ll joke about trying to get your 14-year-old to wear a winter coat because they’d rather freeze to death than look uncool, but you’ll need more than that. I asked ChatGPT for humorous writing prompts exploring parenting fails with teenagers. The ten resulting prompts included:

  • Describe a time you tried to be cool and impress your teenager’s friends, but it ended in disaster.
  • Think about a time you accidentally sent an inappropriate text to your teen that was meant for someone else.
  • Share about a time when you gave your teenager terrible advice, and it backfired on you.

2. Plotting: kill your darlings…automatically.

Cozy mystery writer Jennifer Lepp uses GPT-3 based tool Sudowrite to brainstorm plots and characters for her new books. She’s been surprised by the specific answers she receives on prompts: “I am writing a paranormal mystery that takes place in the small town of Table Rock, Texas. It has a female amateur sleuth. This is her name. I need a murder victim. I need how they were killed. I need four murder suspects with information about why they’re suspected and how they are cleared. And then tell me who the guilty killer is.”

According to Lepp, she’s come up with plots for several books that way. “The impressive thing about it is that if I tell it that it’s a cozy mystery and I…

Juliane Bergmann

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